Donut Worry, Be Happy

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the first ever FOODIE FRIDAY!

I am so excited about this because 1, I have a reason to go out and eat delicious food every week. 2, I wanna tell you allllll about the places you donut wanna miss here in San Diego! So what better way to kick it off than with donuts?? Let’s talk about the Donut Bar!

The Donut Bar is located at 631 B Street in downtown San Diego and ran by Chef Santiago Campa! With only three locations in the world, they are killing the donut game. Other than in downtown, you can find them in San Diego International Airport Terminal 2, and in the middle of Fabulous Las Vegas! The Donut Bar made its debut in San Diego in 2013, and they have been on fire ever since! They have been voted #1 Donuts in America by USA Today!

I visited Donut Bar on Saturday, September 9th. On Saturday’s, they open at 8AM and close once they are all sold out for the day, which is very fast so make sure you get there early! I arrived at about 7:45, but of course I struggled to find parking, I mean come on, it is San Diego after all. Nevertheless, I found parking and made my way over to the cutest little shop! There was a line that I honestly wasn’t expecting, but that’s because I was underestimating how big of a deal these donuts were!

Once inside, I seriously appreciated all of the pink going on in the shop. It was great! I am going through such a pink phase right now, have you seen my hair? I am also such a sucker for wall paintings and there is the cutest set of lips on the wall!

The outside of the shop is adorable and so classy!
This wall art makes my soul happy!

I loved it, anyone who walks in there is going to feel happiness because of the environment alone! The overwhelming smell of donuts and coffee might also make the happy meter sky-rocket. When you walk in, on the right they have the CUTEST merchandise ever, donut even try to argue! I didn’t take a lot of time to check out all of the donuts because of the large line, so naturally I chose the pinkest one I could get, on the menu, called The Homer! Let me be clear, these are not normal donuts. These are donuts that are as big as your face. Is that how it is in Heaven, Lord?

The employees are so extremely friendly! They all had such a great energy about them and you could tell that they loved their job. I finally got checked out and headed to the street with my donut. Of course, I had to stop and take pictures with it before I even tried it out. To put it simply, 10/10 on the cuteness scale, 10/10 on the taste scale! I took a normal bite and it barely made a dent, seriously, they’re huge, guys. I didn’t eat the whole thing, and it is definitely a multi person job, but it was the best few bites of a donut I have ever had, hands down!

The Donut Bar has so many things on their menu to pick from, and I can’t wait to go back and check some others out! I hope you guys will too, I promise, you won’t regret it!

Daily Reminder: Donut let anyone kill your vibe! :))

Stay sweet, xoxo


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