Bootlegger on Market Street

We visited Bootlegger a few weekends ago before I had to cover a production on campus. It was a short walk and the reviews looked good so we went!

I ordered the chicken and waffles with a mac bowl and Garett ordered a club sandwich with chips. Our food took about 45 minutes to get to us which was a major buzz kill. We scarfed it down and paid before we were halfway through because we needed to bolt as soon as we were done. I wasn’t too upset about the long wait, things happen and the wait staff and cook are only human.


I wasn’t a fan of the chicken, it was pretty bland and didn’t have any seasoning on it which is a major must have for me. I love spices and seasonings! However, the waffles were really good and the syrup was too!

The absolute best part of the meal was the mac and cheese. It was phenomenal and some of the best I have ever had!


The interior of Bootlegger is very cute! They have a couple cute murals in there and everything is very cohesive when it comes to design. The aesthetic was definitely a 10/10.

If I do return to Bootlegger someday, it may be a while due to the fact that there are a million restaurants within a 5 minute walk of us, I will make sure we have enough time and order something different than what we did.


But I will ALWAYS get the mac! Forever a fan!

xoxo, Syd


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