Christmas Magic At Disneyland & California Adventure

I have always dreamed of going to Disneyland during the Christmas holiday and this year I was finally able to. Let me be clear, it did not disappoint! Disneyland is magical year round, but at Christmas time they somehow work in some extra magic. The park is stunning, the food is adorable and the entertainment is so festive.

For this Christmas trip, I wanted to make a pair of ears myself. I am a complete elf, I love Christmas! I decided to go with a pair of classic gold and red ears. Funny enough, I pushed them into my Christmas tree to take a picture, and they turned out to be the cutest ornament.


When we go to the parks, we usually visit California Adventure first because Toy Story Mania is our favorite ride! We arrived early enough this trip and really worked our Max Pass that we were able to ride it three times in the first couple of hours. California Adventure went with a theme of “Festival of Holidays.”


I absolutely love Cars Land in California Adventure. When we are looking for good food it is our go-to. It is always decorated so cute for whatever the occasion may be. Cars Land is constructed and decorated so well in the first place, it feels like I am really in Radiator Springs. I love walking around and just taking in all of the detail.


The Christmas decor in California Adventure is just adorable. I love a traditional Christmas so I will take all of the red bows, gold tinsel and greenery they have to give. While we love riding rides, we truly took time out of this trip to walk around and look at the beauty of the park.


Before we headed over to Disneyland, we had to stop at the huge Christmas tree and get our picture taken!


I am so happy we stopped and took a picture with the tree because after the waiting, and the actual picture taking, it timed us just right to run into the man Mickey himself! I had no idea he was near, so getting to be second in line to see him was a pretty magical moment. He is the sweetest mouse you’ll ever meet. I adore his Christmas attire!


Although I love California Adventure, Disneyland is such a special place to me. The park truly feels like home. I love the old fashioned architecture, which cool enough, was partly modeled to look like the main street in Walt’s hometown. One of my favorite buildings is City Hall. Make sure you stop in and get a pin on your first visit and special occasions!


There is, of course, another huge tree right at the beginning of Main Street U.S.A.


We definitely picked the wrong side of the tree to get our picture taken. We had this same issue with the pumpkin! The sun is brutal on the entrance side of Disneyland during the day! However, the Disney photographers always do such a great job and make sure you get that perfect shot!


I walk really slow up Main Street. I never get tired of looking at all of the detail. I love to stop into the little shops, too! The whole stroll from Main Street to Walt and Mickey, and then onto Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is lovely. This proves to be even truer during the Christmas season.


As for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the heart of Disneyland, it did not fall short. Sleeping Beauty’s castle was covered in a million lights, icicles and all of the holly jolly decor. It was nothing short of perfect! The castle is pink and blue, and the decorations were well thought out and complimented the colors in the most aesthetically pleasing way.


As always it was a magical trip, but this time with the addition of that Christmas cheer! There were many things I was too overwhelmed by to take pictures, but they cannot be left unmentioned! If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland during the holiday season here are a few things you should know!

  1. The day/week after Halloween the park takes down all of the fall decors and goes straight into the holiday cheer. The park will continue to add more things as the days pass, but after Thanksgiving, the park is in full swing Christmas mode.
  2. There is a Christmas Parade and it is magical! It usually happens twice a day in Disneyland so don’t miss it! Refer to your park map or app for times.
  3. Definitely go see the holiday lighting of It’s A Small World! So many lights, I can’t even express! It happens every hour on the hour after it becomes dark.
  4. The Christmas tree at the foot of Main Street will be lit every night and then it will snow on Main Street. You heard that right, it will snow!
  5. On weekend nights and on holidays, Disneyland shoots off the most magnificent firework display you will ever see. Anaheim is a bit of a windy city, especially when those Santa Anna winds come blowing through. If the wind is too much for the fireworks to be shot off, Disneyland still has some magic up their sleeves. The fireworks will be replaced with another moment of snowing in the park accompanied by beautiful, festive music. Snow is rare for us Calfornia residents, so it isn’t something we could ever tire of. No, it isn’t real snow. It is actually a type of soap, so don’t open your mouth and eat it!

I completely recommend taking a trip to Disneyland during Christmas! You won’t be disappointed. If you happen to be a little elf like me, it’ll be the most magical experience!

Have fun, friends!

Sydney K. Faulkner



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