Sydney Faulkner is a Christian, wife and dog mom. She majors in Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University with an emphasis in the Performing Arts.

Sydney grew up in a small town in southeast Missouri. She now lives in San Diego, California. Sydney loves exploring her city and taking in so much culture and diversity. You will find her wandering up and down the streets analyzing the architecture of buildings, marveling at street art and enjoying food from hole in the wall restaurants.

Sydney loves spending time with her two best friends, her husband, Garett, and pup, Apollo. She also loves watching any type of performing arts but prefers musicals. Because of this, she will almost always be singing or humming a classic show tune.

Sydney is a current Street Team Member for Broadway San Diego. Sydney also has an Etsy shop where she paints denim jackets, mostly for brides. Each design is unique. “I feel so honored to be a part of so many very special days,” Sydney says. She hopes to continue to grow her shop and expand to more designs.